This is an note from Jan Hashimoto Chambers:

I've been doing lots of research to find CMET grads to notify about this upcoming reunion.  The tools I've been using are:
**Linked-In, searching for individual names from class rosters - this is very time-consuming, but it's extremely gratifying to see what you folks have been up to.  I've looked for more than 1250 individuals, and found over 400!  (However, it's hard to do a search for someone named John Anderson, for instance.)
**Email lists from the reunion of 2003 (most addresses are out of date)
**Emails I've received from grads over the years
**Contact information provided by students as they graduate

If you know of any contact information for classmates or other CMET former students or faculty, PLEASE send the info to

There is also a CMET grads Facebook page, if you'd like to keep in touch with others that way.

Thank you!!!
Updated 3/23/16