June 22, 2020
In Memoriam -- Dick Wysong
April 16, 1926 - March 12, 2020

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October 22, 2016

The reunion was lots of fun!  If you came, thanks for participating - if not, sorry you didn't make it!
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The "Guest Book" and "Photo Albums" pages are still open for business, so please send a message or picture to your former classmates and instructors.
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Hello to all graduates and faculty of the Portland Community College Civil and Mechanical Engineering Technology Program!  It's been 50 years since the CMET program was created, and it's time to get everyone together to celebrate!!
The party will be on October 22, 2016, at the Ambridge Event Center in Portland, just a short time from now.  For all of the info, click on "Reunion details" in the left column.  
We’re really excited about the upcoming reunion!!  However, we're now up against a deadline for signing up for the event, so please click on "Buy Tickets" in the left column NOW, and do this.  Because we're having a plated dinner instead of a buffet, we need to have an exact count of attendees eight days before the reunion, which is Friday, October 14.
There's also another feature on this website, the "Guest Book," where you can leave a message to your classmates and/or faculty.  This could be something memorable from your time at PCC, or what you've been up to since then.  Quotes from, or quips about, faculty members would be especially appreciated!!  We hope to read some of these entries at the reunion, especially those from people who can't attend.  There's also a "Photo Albums" section where you can view some CMET pictures, and upload some of your old photos to add to our collection.
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Our last reunion was held in 2003, and it was a great party with over 300 people attending!  Lots of people connected with their classmates and shared stories of what they've been doing since they left PCC.
The timing of this reunion is based on the retirements of two long-time CMET instructors.  Jan Hashimoto Chambers graduated from the MET program in 1974, and taught in CMET from 1977-1979 and 1982-2015.  Mike Kies was on the CMET and university-transfer engineering faculty from 1997-2016, and was CMET department chair from 2002-2014.  (By the way, Jan and Mike have been married since March 2014.)
Another reason to have this reunion at this time is to honor the founder of the CMET program, Dick Wysong, who turned 90 years old this Spring!
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Your reunion planning committee (current and former CMET instructors and staff):
      Jan Hashimoto Chambers, Mike Kies, Dick Kroll, Dave Berger, Tara Nelson,
      Greg Gerstner, Richard Dawes, Linda Browning, and Dick Wysong.
Updated 11/8/16